Hi. I am Leah Haggard, MS, CNS Candidate

I am a Michigan based nutritionist who helps clients find balance for their whole self through virtual nutrition counseling.



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About Me

With her background in dance, Leah became interested in nutrition based off of her experience as an performing artist in a highly competitive field. She has first hand experience of how food restriction and diet-culture can impact one’s relationship with food and ability to thrive. Leah helps her clients cut through the confusing and often contradicting nutrition advice to help them find what fuels them.

Leah runs a non-dieting, weight inclusive practice, and works with both athletes and non-athletes. Her specialties include sports nutrition, eating behavior, disordered eating, and mental health. Her priority is to help her clients develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies while addressing their health needs from a nutrition perspective.

Leah has a master’s degree from Univerity of Western States in nutrition and functional medicine and is also a certified health coach. She is currently working towards becoming a liscensed clinical nutritionist.

Work With Me

How I work with clients

I offer a free 20 minute discovery call to all prospective clients. This is a call where we can get to know each other and I can understand your health goals and how I can best support you.

From there, we have a 90 minute initial consultation. This is a session where we take a deep dive into your health and food behaviors so that we can create a plan that is right for you and your body. We will look at your current health and past health status (including mental and emotional helath), family history, medications, lab work, and food preferences. Recommendations may involve further testing, supplementation, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle changes. But every step of the way, you get to drive what we do and don’t do.

There is a lot of detective work that goes on in the beginning of our time together as we navigate your health story and in creating sustainable change. I typically see my clients for a 45 minute follow up session every other week for 6-10 sessions. Depending on your needs and preferences, these can be more or less frequent after several visits are estabilished

I am currently able to accept clients in all green and yellow US states. International clients can be considered on the basis of local laws.

My Services


Nutrition Counseling

Individualized nutrition care catered to your health and your needs.

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Group Nutrition

Group nutrition counseling centered around topics such as intuitive eating. Coming soon!

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Education Seminars

1 hour nutrition class geared for your office, sports team, or school.

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I am currently accepting new clients. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch!